Finding Rest

I went to spend a week up in the woods by a quiet lake.  I was just beginning to get settled in to the idea of warming up water for use a couple hours later over the wood burning stove when I felt the Lord God tell me to go home.  “Are You sure?”  I thought.  Was that the Lord or my own thoughts?  I heard that two more times before I decided to pack up to head home.  God used the drive home to remind me of a dream he gave me a few days earlier and gave me my assignment. 

We are living in a time when rest will not be frequent.  I satisfy myself with the idea that I will have time to rest in the beauty of the heaven and will get to focus my time on my artwork there because the time I have here on earth is of a more immediate and desparate nature calling for the sacrifice on the part of believers of Yeshua (Jesus).  Jesus himself said “pick up your cross and follow me.”  Of all people who could have had leisure and might have spent his time doing what he was gifted at…(who knows what all that is!)…he instead spent his life doing the will of the Father in Heaven and serving mankind.

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