God’s “I Love You”


When my little boy was about 1 ½ years old, he would want something very desperately. Sometimes it was a sweet treat or other times he wanted to go outside and there was a good reason he could not that day. There was always a good reason when he did not get his way, but he was not old enough to understand why. Even if I had explained it, he would not yet comprehend. He would cry and cry and I would cuddle him. Even though I was the one who said “No” to him, he still wanted to be near me. Usually he would cry and cry when he was close to nap time, so I would cuddle with him in bed until he fell asleep with his arms around my neck. Because he would not understand why, all I could do what to tell him, “I love you, so much, baby.” To me, that was all he needed to know right then.

Have you ever talked to God, asking him “Why?” Why is this happening? What should I be doing right now with my life? Why can’t I do that?   And all you hear him say is “I love you.” Have you ever said to him…”Yeah, yeah, I know that already, can’t you give me something more profound?” What if that is the most profound answer? What if “I love you” explains everything you need to know right then? What if we couldn’t handle understanding why at that time? Maybe we aren’t really mature enough to handle the real reason God isn’t answering our questions or why we are enduring something we are going through, or maybe we are asking the wrong question to begin with? What if his “I love you” is the answer that should be enough to calm our questioning souls because we can trust him to be looking out for our good in all situations, just like a mother telling her crying infant (Why can’t I have cookies before I’ve eaten my veggies?) “You’ll be okay, I love you.”

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