My name is Maureen, and I love all of the things the Lord God has done in my life! 

There is power in the testimonies of what He does, which give us more faith to trust in Him and His goodness to us!  I hope my stories will encourage you to trust in the Lord God and his beautifully good son, Jesus the Messiah, because He love you and me so much and wants us to know Him and be in relationship with Him; talking as friends do, as fathers do with their children, and as those in love do because aspects of those relationships are what God wants us to have with Himself. 
I hope you already know Him!  If you don’t, seek Him out, you don’t have forever to choose Him, only to live with the consequences of it.  The reality of the shortness of life was shown to me when I was a junior in college and was attacked on campus, left with some broken bones and a broken sense of immortality (which many of us have when we are young).  I am grateful for that experience though many will think I am crazy for saying so.  It is when God began to show me how awesomely He cares for me.  I will share this story somewhere on this blog!

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