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Hurt in the Church

I love my church family.  Always.  But I have had more than my share of hurtful experiences from the church as well.  Some of the most hurtful people that I have met and known have been leaders in churches (though I have also had my share of wonderful leaders as well!) and I wonder how can that be when we are meant to love each other.  But people are not our God.  God is our God.  So I have kept my eyes on Him at hard times.  My kids fight a lot.  They do not always reflect my values.  But they are still part of my family…I am not kicking anyone out of the family!  That is how it works.  We don’t usually blame mom and dad because our sister hit us.  Blaming God for hurts from Christians isn’t the best way, either.  They are growing and learning just like we are.

What has been your experience in the church?

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well-resoucedJesus was born into a humble situation. He was born in a shelter for animals as his family traveled to Joseph’s hometown for to pay taxes. When he grew up, his ministry was not run out of a temple as glorious as the one Solomon had built for God. Jesus had no church building or temple to call his own to shepherd his followers in. He chose to minister out of the fields, to have no home, to reach those who did not fit into the acceptable circles of the religious world. His ministry changed the lives of hundreds during his days of walking on the earth, and millions to this day.

How did he do it? He had little of monetary resources. How did he change the lives of so many?

He knew that the resources of heaven were His. His love, word and deeds changed the lives of those around him. He showed his disciples to do what he did. He lived ministry, and only needed what the Spirit could provide. We only need what he did.

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Lunar Eclipse

I was standing in a coffeehouse, talking to a friend one night in January.  As we talked, my eyes gazed toward the moon, which was only a sliver in the sky and became even smaller as I was watching, nearly fully eclipsing before gradually growing in size again, all within a minute of time. 

As I stood there,  just as suddenly as I had seen the eclipse, I felt God give me a revelation of understanding about how the moon was like our relationship with the world and with God, and it healed my heart.

Have you ever felt like there were times in your life where you were more effective for God?  Or where there were times that your God-given gifts shone more than they are right now?  Why am I ineffective?  Why am I called to this time where I look useless in the eyes of others?
Let this minister to your heart.

We are like the moon, getting our light from our reflection of God’s light.  As God made us in His image and gave us giftings, we reflect his glory and honor Him.  The moon is always reflecting the sun’s light.  The sun can always “see” the moon in its full reflection because the light side is always facing the sun.  There is never a time in our lives of obedience to Him, where we are not in full glory in His eyes.

From the earth, however, we only see a part of the glory of the moon.  Sometimes it is in different stages where we can see more of it, and sometimes we see almost nothing, but it is somewhere always reflecting the same amount of sunlight.  Our view of the moon from the earth is like what we as humans see of each other’s “glory” as a reflection of the LORD.  Sometimes we will look glorious in each other’s eyes, and sometimes we will wonder why we or someone else do not look particularly “brilliant” even though we are being faithful to serve God.

Some places God has called me to serve Him are naturally easy, and I shine in.  Some, I feel faithful by serving in, but it is difficult and calls for self-sacrifice, and others may wonder what on earth I am doing with my life.  The latter times are new moon times, when only the Lord really sees us in our full obedience to Him, reflecting Him oh so well.

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