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My Baby

My baby
My belly is your grave
And I walk with the thought of your tiny life in me
Extinguished before its time
And yet,
As so very tiny as you are now
And as little as you had a chance to live on earth
I know your soul is big
I will not recognize who you are in heaven
Where you will be all you were ever meant to be
Where our lives are fulfilled
And there will be no more tears of sorrow
My tears will be saved
I’ll see you face to face and think
How wonderful it would have been
To have known you on the earth
And the joy to have the privilege
To be your mother
To help shape who you’d become.
But you have a heavenly father
Who will be a more perfect guide
And I trust Him to raise you
With more love and patience
Than I ever could have done
I cannot wait to see you
My little one
When you are not little
And do not need my help
But please come and know me
I am sure the Lord made you so beautiful,
And I would like to love you
From knowing who you are
Not just loving you
With my heart
But with my eyes and mind as well.

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well-resoucedJesus was born into a humble situation. He was born in a shelter for animals as his family traveled to Joseph’s hometown for to pay taxes. When he grew up, his ministry was not run out of a temple as glorious as the one Solomon had built for God. Jesus had no church building or temple to call his own to shepherd his followers in. He chose to minister out of the fields, to have no home, to reach those who did not fit into the acceptable circles of the religious world. His ministry changed the lives of hundreds during his days of walking on the earth, and millions to this day.

How did he do it? He had little of monetary resources. How did he change the lives of so many?

He knew that the resources of heaven were His. His love, word and deeds changed the lives of those around him. He showed his disciples to do what he did. He lived ministry, and only needed what the Spirit could provide. We only need what he did.

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