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Butterfly Effect of the Holy Spirit

In January, on my drive back from an awesome time with God in Kansas City, my sister in Germany called. She mentioned my brother in law was thinking of going to a conference in Valpo, IN–I told him to pray and see if God thought he should go. He told me to talk to God about it and I told him I would, but that he really needed to do it himself. When I did ask, I felt God said he should go, but I didn’t say anything to my brother. One random morning, I felt compelled to ask him if he signed up for the conference, and he mentioned it was the deadline day for signing up. I told him again to pray about it but finally washed my hands of it. Later that day, I suddenly felt God say that my brother did not sign up for the conference and that I needed to do it for him. After debating if I had really heard God or not, I checked with my brother-in-law and found he indeed hadn’t registered, so I signed him up. I didn’t know at that time that he had just minutes before told God that if he was supposed to go, God would need to sign him up Himself because my brother was not going to touch the computer again that day.

He went to the conference and God really touched him and my sister through the prayer of some women at the conference who coincidentally lived near my family in Wisconsin. So when my sister and brother-in-law were back in the States this summer, they invited me to meet up with the ladies and their husbands. It was an awesome night. Most of the group there led or were part of a Bible study nearby, so I went to it a couple of times.

A friend of mine from Kansas City (whom I met in January before my long drive home) emailed me and suggested I go to the Crisis Relief International (CRI) training because he knew I had worked in disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina.   I really felt I should go.   I even wrote in my journal asking God to provide a way for me if he wanted me to go.  And since I was flat broke, and the conference fee was $300, it was going to take His intervention.

That night of my journal entreaty, I went to the second Bible study with my Brother-in-law’s new found friends, and coincidentally asked if they knew about the CRI training. Their group leader said he was passing around a sign-up list for it that very night, and invited me to join their group.   They felt I was supposed to go and generously gave of their money for me to go.   The Bible study leader had been down in New Orleans three of the weeks with the leader of the disaster relief training, where God had appeared in a cloud and was bringing healing to the people there. Crazy!   I was jealous that I had prayed for God’s miracles when I was in Mississippi during that same time they were in New Orleans, and I didn’t see it.  But it has led me to hope and expect Him to show up!!!

The training was incredible, and much more happened that I will not write about here, but know that God does serendipitously work out all things for the good of those who love HIM!

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