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Brother-In-Law’s Bold Bike Trip

My brother-in-law, (my sister’s husband–whom I will just call “brother” in the rest of this story) cycled to work the other day and passed another bicyclist who had stopped by the roadside. After he passed him, my brother felt that God gave him a word of knowledge or insight about this man, and that he should talk to the guy. My brother continued to wrestle with God because he did not want to look crazy or anything, but after a bit, he turned his bike around to see if he could find the man again and he did.  Sooner or later you will look crazy for the Lord if you follow Him.  He stopped the man and said that he believed God wanted him to say that “Jesus really loves you,” and he asked the man if he had grown up without parents–which was the insight God had shown him. The man said “yes.” They conversed a bit more and they prayed together and that was the end of the encounter from my brother’s perspective. Who knows what God is up to in that man’s life.

Isn’t it very difficult to make those steps of boldness in faith?

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